Produced by Ministry of Sound

The South Asian underground dance scene is explored in all its glory as The Birth of Punjabi Garage comes as part of In the Round Festival. Join us as we host the screening of this documentary as well as a Q&A with the legendary DJ and producer, Yung Singh.

The Birth of Punjabi Garage is an 11 minute documentary inspired by Yung Singh’s Punjabi Garage mix 12 months ago. The story looks at the lineage of South Asian underground dance music in relation to the success of the Daytimers collective. Through the words of the pioneers of Punjabi Garage, Surj RDB, Surinder Rattan and Metz n Trix, the documentary explores themes of identity, race and agency through the lens of the origins of the genre.

The documentary has a wealth of unseen archive footage showing exactly how it was in the garages and studios of the young Bradford lads from the beginning, to the events, weddings and festivals that marked their success. The documentary is bookended by Yung Singh and his infamous and historic Boiler Room set, giving credit to the elders who paved the way for the continuation of South Asian presence in British dance culture.

This documentary was produced in tandem with Yung Singh and is the first documentary to explore the genre. Documentaries have covered Bhangra, the 80s Daytimers and the Asian Underground but the South Asian diaspora’s involvement in the early 2000s Garage scene has never been covered and we are therefore proud to bring this to you!

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