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£2 Drop-ins

Drop Ins are your opportunity to try something new or develop your skills. There’s no commitment, just come along on the day that suits you best.


Taught by professional tutors, our workshops will give you the opportunity to develop new skills and gain practical experience

Courses and programmes

Looking to invest more time in your creative pursuits? Check out our longer-term courses and programmes.

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Creative Studios Membership

Access our state-of-the-art studios and equipment outside of workshops from just £25 a year.

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Roundhouse Works

Affordable co-working space and development programme for creative freelancers and entrepreneurs aged 18-30.

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Use our studios

We’ve got top of the line creative facilities young people can use for low prices.

£2 MIDI Suites

Perfect for making beats and writing songs. For just £2 an hour, lock in to your own space with access to an iMac, Logic, recording equipment and instruments.

Rehearsal Rooms

Jam with your band or get some quiet to practice by yourself. Instruments, amps and PA systems provided.

DJ Rooms

Kitted out with DJ decks, use our rooms to sharpen your skills on the turntables.

Recording Studio

Record in our professional recording studio, supported by an in-house engineer. Prices start at £60 for a 4-hour session.

Podcast Studio

Mics, editing software, aesthetic backgrounds, we’ve got everything you need to create a top podcast.

A young women plays the guitar and sings into a microphone. She is lit by purple lights.

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