From chorister to convict, grime MC to folk singer and pioneer of the sound ‘G-folk’ which blends the two, East London’s Hak Baker presents Bricks in the Wall as part of In the Round Festival.

With support from:

Connie Constance
Rachel Chinouriri
Bel Cobain
Kai Kwasi

Prepare to hear something you’ve never heard before…bringing G-folk to the UK in a big way, Hak Baker redefines what it means to be a folk singer in the capital, blending grime and gritty lyrics with unadorned vocal talents.

Whether chronicling his own experiences or those of the people around him, Hak Baker’s music offers an indispensable insight into the struggles of the working classes in 2021/22. The injustices, the hustle, the heartache: it’s all there to be discovered as this remarkably unique artist takes to the stage.

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