Part of The Last Word, a festival where words come alive.

HUH /hʌ,hə/ exclamation
used in questions to invite agreement
used in anger or surprise

Seamlessly crossing R&B, classical music, poetry and song, HUH brings together some of today’s most powerful voices and artists from the UK’s contemporary music and spoken word scenes.

Errollyn Wallen’s haunting song In Our Lifetime, inspired by Nelson Mandela’s prison release, and poet Salena Godden’s unflinching essay Shade from The Good Immigrant, set the evening’s themes of movement and identity.

Next up, Sophia Thakur and Kieron Rennie with spoken word as you’ve never heard, or seen, before. From Lyrix Organix’s UnFold EP2, influences from jazz and contemporary classical come together with the UK’s most exciting young poets, strings, percussion and emerging visual artists.

Completing the show, new collaborations featuring the mesmerising Ayanna Witter-Johnson & Solomon O.B, and composer Jasmin Kent Rodgman & Salena Godden, combine rap, soulful vocals, classical music and electronica.

Produced by Jasmin Kent Rodgman Created with initial support from the London Symphony Orchestra and the Jerwood Charitable Foundation.