Heilung are a sound from the northern European Iron-Age and Viking era. They use everything from running water, human bones, reconstructed swords and shields to ancient frame drums and bronze rings in their music.

The lyrics contain original texts from rune stones and preserved spear shafts, amulets and other artifacts. Furthermore, poems which either deal with historical events or are translations/interpretations of ancient texts.

Every attempt to link their music to modern political or religious points is pointless, Heilung try to connect the listener to a time before Christianity and its political offspring, which raped and burned itself into the northern European mentality.

Heilung means healing in German, which describes the core of their sound and is supposed to leave the listener eased and relaxed after a sometimes turbulent musical journey.

Where I’m from, hardly anyone is exposed to the arts. There’s a load of talent but no guidance. Roundhouse changed my life.


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