Today, a group of artists come together to announce Night for Ukraine, a fundraising event at Roundhouse on Wednesday 9 March 2022. Funds raised on the evening will be donated to the DEC, Disasters Emergency Committee, to support humanitarian and emergency response work in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Night for Ukraine is delighted to announce that Ukrainian born Bloom Twins will be helping to curate the event and performing on the evening. The night will feature live music from international artists, spoken word poetry, film, and DJ sets including; Bob Geldof, Chrissie Hynde and James Walbourne of the Pretenders, Bloom Twins, Archive, Joseph Toonga, Yuriy Yurchuk accompanied by Konstantin Lapshin, Imelda May, Jack Garratt, Wayne McGregor, Eckoes, Joseph Lawrence, Peter Xan, Nadeem Din-Gabisi, Silai Estatira, Tom Baxter and London Community Gospel Choir. A full event line up will be announced in due course.

The project is organised by the founder of Secret Cinema, main collaborators Bloom Twins and Sunflower Relief, alongside Phoenix Court, Roundhouse, Sofar Sounds, Platoon, Lost and ie: entertainment.

Funds raised on the evening will be donated to DEC, Night for Ukraine’s fundraising partner, as part of a culture sector-wide and nationwide effort. The DEC brings together 15 of the UK’s leading aid charities. DEC charities and their local partners are working on the ground in Ukraine and at its borders, to help people fleeing the conflict.

Night for Ukraine is also encouraging other artists, organisers and venues to stage their own night across the nation to support DEC. Further information can be found here

One of Night for Ukraine’s event partners is newly created grassroots organisation Sunflower Relief, which provides vital on-the-ground support, services with local language capabilities to Ukrainians fleeing the conflict areas or those who are staying and need resources and humanitarian aid.

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Personal Statements

Bloom Twins:

‘We are Ukrainian and it’s humbling to see the support our country is getting around the world. We are really looking forward to be a part of this project, and not just as one-off performance but as creative collaborators. This is an absolute honour to be representing our country and helping people caught up in this devastating conflict.

There is so much every one of us can do to make a difference and even though it’s called ‘Night for Ukraine’, the impact of it will last much longer than a night. It will belong in our memories forever.’

Ira Ariella Khi, Sunflower Relied founder:

‘As someone with family still on the ground in my hometown of Lviv, I am constantly hearing first-hand accounts of the destruction and devastation taking place in Ukraine. It is truly terrifying. What is happening right now is not going to disappear overnight – the people of Ukraine face weeks and months of more violence, uncertainty and fear. This is why it is so vital that public support continues with the same incredible force and momentum we have seen thus far. A Night for Ukraine aims to put the Ukrainian people well and truly front of mind, whilst also celebrating the incredible artists and entertainers that have come out of our country.’

DEC Chief Executive Saleh Saeed:

’The public reaction to our appeal has incredibly generous so far and we’re grateful to Night for Ukraine for helping to fundraise during this critical time.

‘Our members are working tirelessly with local partners to reach people in Ukraine swiftly as the brutal conflict turns lives upside down. Families, including many children, have been forced to leave everything they know behind to find safety and desperately need food, water and shelter. The DEC exists to mobilise the British public’s generosity and goodwill at times of crisis overseas, and this is one of those moments.’

Fabien Riggall founder of Secret Cinema and Lost, and spokesperson for Night for Ukraine:

‘We would like Night For Ukraine to engage the creative community to act, to come together for Ukraine and raise urgent funds for DEC. We are excited to be collaborating with the Bloom Twins and honoured to be partnering Sunflower Relief, an inspiring organisation to help Ukrainians at this time. We hope that this event will fuel artists and venues to create their own Nights for Ukraine to support DEC in any way they can during this crisis.’

Night for Ukraine will be sharing informative content from DEC and Ukrainian individuals and groups, promoting awareness and ensuring voices are heard and shared. Full information and to access assets for your own Night for Ukraine can be found here

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