Part of CircusFest 2018

UK premiere

The Bekkrell Effect is an exhilarating visual feast combining the power of punk with risk and flare.

Five performers hurtle around the stage, things fall apart, atoms decay and relationships break up – below the surface is chaos, yet with enough distance everything can be beautiful.

Part riot-grrrl pop song, part circus spectacle The Bekkrell Effect is and both comic and revealing.

Inspired by physicist Henri Becquerel’s discovery of radioactivity, French company Groupe Bekkrell have created an unstable universe of perpetual movement where matter decays and bonds disintegrate.

Powered by the strength of its performers, The Bekkrell Effect swings between acrobatics and poetry, falling and flying, in a performance as energetic as a nuclear reaction.

This UK premiere is a unique chance to experience the richness of European circus.

It’s hopeful. It’s unapologetic. It’s glorious.

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Images © Massao Mascaro

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