From LA to London and back to New York, Caroline Polachek brings her sonic trademark style to the Roundhouse for her ONLY UK DATE!

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That’s right, this will be your only chance to experience an enigmatic and ethereal LIVE performance from Caroline Polachek in 2021. Alongside writing for the likes of Beyoncé, Travis Scott and Charlie XCX, the indie-pop artist has also simultaneously reached critical acclaim with albums such as Arcadia (2014) and Pang (2019). Caroline’s work has continued to evolve with the use of synth textures and her idiosyncratic vocal style that all plays out in her hardcore, ambitious and beautiful sound. This powerful live set will highlight singles Ocean of Tears, Door and So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings.

With her signature ‘organic autotune’ and liquid lyricism firmly positioning her as one of the most singular and captivating singers of a generation, Caroline Polachek is not a performance to be missed.

“One of the greatest musicians of our time” – i-D
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