Lyle stands behind unusual, linear structures, to bear everything to the pop audience. Their debut 7-track EP Bathing is to be released 10 July, via Lyle’s own label, Morning Routine. The record allows Lyle to show off twisted and mouthy vocalisations, which dramatically resonate in a space during live performances. Lyle’s no-nonsense, avant-garde angst tears through high-fidelity production.

Lyle is based between the hi-fidelity surroundings of Cowden, Kent and the lo-fi architecture of London, where the band reside and recorded much of the EP material. Lyle collaborates closely with his band members, Leonard Doob and Don Sinini, as well as writing with Ninja Tune’s Nabihah Iqbal.

Lyle has become a regular feature on a large variety of internet stations including Rinse France, Radar Radio, NTS, Hotel Radio Paris, Sub City Radio, etc. Their EP release party takes places at The Waiting Room on 11 July, one of the first Morning Routine nights of 2018.

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