Asthmatic Harp produces alternative pop with folk influences. Asthmatic Harp finds inspiration in artists such as Björk, Sufjan Stevens and My Brightest Diamond.

Behind the pseudonym is Singer-Songwriter Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones who is a London based musician, originally from Copenhagen, Denmark. Her music combines evocative vocals and artfully crafted lyrics set in an imaginative universe of string and clarinet arrangements, sampled toy pianos and acoustic guitar.
Her latest release, Seven Sisters, features an ethereal and ornamented sound with percussive detail that links in like a carefully put together mechanical clock. Seven Sisters is the third single of three from Asthmatic Harp’s conceptual single-trilogy with songs named after London Tube stations carrying the titles: Kilburn, Moorgate and Seven Sisters.

Playing both solo and with a band Asthmatic Harp has put on thrilling performances from Austin to Berlin and London as well as on festival stages and venues across Denmark and Sweden.

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