Roundhouse Creative Futures programme

Roundhouse’s Creative Futures programme draws on our unique position between training and industry, offering high-quality expert creative careers education for young people aged 11 to 25.

Covering a wide range of jobs across the creative sector, through workshops or assemblies we explore backstage roles, behind the scenes positions and exciting career paths that are so much more than what we see on stage. From marketing to sound design, we explore all the jobs you’ve heard of, and those you haven’t.

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Free workshops and assemblies

Every autumn we offer free creative careers assemblies and/or workshops for your students.

We are now offering dates from now until Christmas 2023, simply get in touch below.

Why sign up?

These career information and guidance sessions will:

  • Help you meet the Gatsby benchmarks.
  • Offer practical information for students and demonstrate the huge variety of creative roles available across the creative sector, from centre stage roles to behind the scenes.

Inspire your students to consider roles they’d love, all hosted in your school by our expert team at Roundhouse, an iconic music venue and leading youth charity.

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Download free teaching resources

Want to run your own session on creative careers? Download our free resources for you to use in the classroom.

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Work experience

We also offer work experience for young people aged 14-16 who attend Camden Secondary schools.

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