Haverstock School is just over the road from the Roundhouse, in the heart of Camden. They want to provide every student with a first class modern music education. Here we look at some of the initiatives they run, working with us and other partners, to unlock the hidden potential in their pupils – ensuring background is never a barrier. At a time when creativity is declining in the classroom, we want to shine a light on this brilliant school we have worked with since 2006, making sure all their students have the chance to be creative.

Our ‘Big Ambitions and a Big Heart’ ethos is central to our goal of improving social mobility by enhancing the life chances of the young people that we serve through very high expectations of what they can do and achieve.

Haverstock School

Working with multiple partners, Haverstock offer programmes and experiences which equip students with the knowledge, confidence, cultural capital and attributes to ensure that their background is not a barrier. The flagship of the music department, the Music Scholarship Programme, is aimed at removing barriers to success for selected Camden students with a high degree of musical aptitude. They’ll work with young people who have a passion for modern music and want to learn how to play an instrument. They’ll get free instrument hire, free tuition for five years and have professional recording opportunities with us in the Paul Hamlyn Studios – whilst also attending workshops and receiving mentoring.

We work together on the Haverstock Band Project – an eight week after-school project for students who are interested in developing music and song writing skills. Students get the chance to try new instruments, form bands and learn how to write their own songs before performing in front of family and friends at the Roundhouse. Together we also run a street circus project for female students, offering a supportive and empowering environment to explore new skills, develop self-confidence and reimagine their own potential. Students developed a range of skills including acrobatics, street dance and core circus skills, before putting them together in a performance sharing.

With an enthusiastic and effective new Head of Music, Ben Turner, our partnership with The Roundhouse and the other funding possibilities that we are working towards securing, we have an opportunity to distinguish the school as a centre of excellence in modern music education and work towards achieving our goals of improving our students’ life chances.

Haverstock School

Haverstock are committed to careers advice alongside these opportunities. Over 300 students have graduated from the two-year sixth-form programme the Haverstock Career Network. It supports students to pursue a career in the field of their choice through business mentoring, a paid summer internship and workshops to support them to develop their professional knowledge and skills.

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