Jen Lim: Apocalypse Anytime Now | Roundhouse Film Fund

By Jen Lim
As someone who is passionate about sustainable filmmaking, I really wanted to integrate more environmentally conscious practices into every stage and although this was no easy task, especially during a pandemic, I am really proud that as a team we went to great lengths to do so both on and off screen.

Introducing Jen Lim, who began filmmaking at the Beijing Film Academy where she wrote, directed, and edited her first short, before returning to the UK to resume her studies at the University of Bristol. Since graduating she has worked in a multitude of roles on and off set, but her real passion is writing and directing character driven stories. Keep reading for more details on her fantastic film, Apocalypse Anytime Now as well her blog which takes us through her filmmaker journey.


When Samuel, one of many young victims of eco-anxiety, hears about the flooding in Venice he decides to take his survival into his own hands.