Hosted and produced by Keyari Page, SpiritBound is informed by Keyari’s own experiences growing up in Black Churches in America. After dealing with doubts about her own faith and the true meaning of spirituality, Keyari has used her experiences to create a space to explore how other people have overcome trauma, colonialism and loss to reconnect to their spiritual side.

This inaugural series takes a deeper look into how spirituality has been clouded by American colonialism and how religious institutions have played a role in shaping norms around faith systems. Keyari also speaks about guests’ personal journeys of finding, losing and reconnecting with their own versions of spirituality and faith.

Keyari Page moved to London back in 2019 and now works as a content producer in marketing during the day while finding ways to create candid, must needed conversations or stories by night. She enjoys taking dance classes, doing yoga and pilates and meditation to feel connected to herself and spirituality. While she’s not working or reconnecting to her spirituality, find her living life to the fullest by keeping up with her short hair, roller skating, cooking, listening to music and most importantly spending time with family and friends.

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