Dating apps and Artificial Romance



Moses Ssebandeke, took inspiration from the world of online dating apps, for his Online Film Funded short. His film explores the feeling of disconnection and artificial feelings. Here he talks about his film and the process of making it.

What I wanted to do with Artificial Romance was pose two philosophical questions. I wanted to make a comment on how people all meet these days via dating apps. I feel the human connection has become a commodity that is packaged and marketed to the masses – thus making it artificial. The idea of the “one” has almost become genetically modified – fake and empty. I also wanted to go deeper and ask if the very concept of romance is artificial? Could romance be a way we humanise a basic animal instinct – our want/need to procreate. Can a man be faithful to one woman for the rest of his life? I hope this little short opens up that conversation.

I started my journey as a film maker in 2007, I learned the basics at YCTV in Ladbroke grove. While I was there I got to do some work experience at the BBC. Since then I have made documentaries in Germany, films with the BBC and, in 2012, I made a short film called The Third Choice. It was a self-funded, short film that resulted in a full-time job with the BBC and have completed a prestigious apprenticeship with BBC Comedy.

In 2011 I started a production company called Lionstooth alongside a few fellow artists. What we wanted to do, and still aim for, is to push boundaries within filmmaking and make eye-catching content. Since 2010 we have made 7 films, a pilot and a couple of music videos, these have been screened at the Cannes film festival and a variety of Hollywood screenings. 

Working with the Roundhouse as part of the Online Film Fund for Artificial Romance has been a blessing! It really helped me get it to the quality I wanted and the guidance during the post production really helped too. We filmed the whole film in one day, something I have never done before and there were times when I thought it was not going to happen, but we used quick thinking to take on problems!

I highly recommend the Online Film Fund to anyone!

You have until 30th November 2016 to apply for the Online Film Fund to turn your film idea into a reality!