Call to Create is a global network of cultural organisations that put young people at the heart of artistic practice.

We share best practice, inspiration and experiences on how to create high quality work in collaboration with young people and great artists.


We’re made up of over 120 arts organisations from around the world and our numbers continue to grow:


Youth creativity provides a vital source of energy in the fastest growing sector of the global economy.

We know that if we combine the new ideas, energy and talent of young people with the experience of established artists, we can create some incredible artistic moments that inspire others and drive positive change.

There are many organisations around the world championing this. We believe that through working together we can better address the huge, untapped reservoir of creativity in young people.

For further information on how the network started and it’s impact so far take a look at our first year review


We share everything to do with creating artistic work with young people through the following ways:

  • Gatherings – chances to share stories, discuss key issues and network with like minded practitioners. We can sometimes offer small amounts of funding for members to run these meetings in their regions.
  • Collaboration opportunities such as international exchanges for staff and young people with network member organisations, joint performances and collective lobbying.
  • Our blog – hosted on the Roundhouse website, the Call to Create blog contains introductions, reflections and evaluations of relevant projects. All members are invited to submit articles and content.
  • Our Facebook group – an area to exchange of best practice, latest news and space to ask questions and seek advice

If you are interested in joining our lively global community then get in touch

You can also keep up to date with all the latest developments with our Call to Create blog

The Call to Create network was initiated by the Roundhouse and is now managed collectively by it’s members