This digital roundtable discussion is open to anyone who is working, or aspiring to work as, an entrepreneur or freelancer in the creative industries. This discussion is open to anyone aged 18-30.

So, you want to be Self Made. Perhaps you’ve just gone freelance, or you’re starting a creative business, or have several side-hustles on the go. Maybe you’ve not yet taken the leap, but at the start of the year you decided you wanted to work for yourself. Plot twist: COVID-19 happened, and you might be wondering how and if it’s still possible to be Self Made in the new world left behind.

Firstly, check out our Self Made Resources Pack
In here you’ll find a collated list of ways to keep motivated, keep working and navigate this time.

In this digital roundtable discussion we’ll bring these resources to life, helping you to make sense of the world right now and how you can navigate your Self Made career in the now. We’ll be inviting you to join in the conversation, share ideas and thoughts about what the future of entrepreneurship and freelancing looks like.

Throughout the webinar, we’ll open up the floor for questions with panelists and attendees.

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