Young, sexy, scruffy and risk-taking comic acrobats.

The Times ★★ ★ ★

Heart stopping moments as they leap off the swing and catapult through the air before landing with a thud that is almost as impressive as the flying itself.

The Guardian

Thrills, spills and split-second timing.


Gasp-inducing… a masterful demonstration in how far honed skills and bodies can take you.

The Stage

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Evening Standard

Critic’s Choice

Time Out

These French acrobats mix madcap humour with incredible skill and collaboration to push their shows to spectacular extremes.

La Meute – translated as “The Wolf Pack” – are masters of the rarely-seen circus skill of Russian Swing.

It’s seldom seen with good reason. The stakes are high, as the six performers use a giant swing to propel themselves up to 10 metres in the air. They must trust that their compadres will be there when they return to earth…

Join this group of brilliant performers and close friends on a journey of cold sweat, fear, exhilaration and idiosyncratic French humour, all packed with astounding skill, fearless ambition and downright good fun.

Recent graduates from the Stockholm University of Dance and Circus, La Meute have been whipping up a storm on home turf in France with their debut production. Don’t miss the UK premiere at CircusFest.

Image © Ben Hopper


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