Abena Essah’s debut play Sankofa: Before the Whitewash will premiere at Roundhouse’s Last Word Festival as a work-in-progress performance.

Sankofa: Before the Whitewash is an exploration of the rich queer African ancestry that existed in Pan-Africa before Chattel Slavery and colonialisation. With a specific focus on Ghana and Angola, it challenges the false notion that queerness is un-African.

Abena is a queer black young person who is facing transphobia and homophobia in their home life when one night, they are visited by the Ghanaian god of stories, Anansi. Together they travel across time and space so Anansi can show Abena the truth about what has always been.

Roundhouse Resident Artist, Abena Essah, is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, a poet, musician, actor and creative of many hats. Their poetry often explores personal identity focusing on intersections of their queer identity, music, Ghanaian heritage and untold black history.

Sankofa: Before the Whitewash is work in progress, supported by the Roundhouse Resident Artist programme.

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