The dynamic duo, Kym Oliver & Jumoke Abdullahi, were frustrated with the lack of representation and unaddressed discrimination faced by Black and non-Black People of
Colour living with disabilities, each and every day. With a focus on Women, Femmes & Non-Binary folks; they joined forces and created a platform to increase visibility &
highlight the narratives of these “invisible populations, within an invisible population”!

With topical videos, spotlight interviews, workshops, talks & lectures on topics ranging from dating to travel. The loveable duo have gained steady recognition for their
specialist insight & charisma. Featured on international platforms ( BBC, AJ+, Vogue, Metro, The Voice, TV3), and consulted for their invaluable perspectives in both
academic, political & corporate circles ( NASA , Oxford University, Cambridge University, Disability Leadership Institute, WOW Foundation, Centenary Action Group, gal-dem &
more). Multidisciplinary cognoscenti, Kym & Jumoke, are relentless in their pursuit to transform the outcomes of those here and yet to come!