Join us for an evening of readings from six compelling Argentinian plays from the newly released Oberon Anthology of Contemporary Argentine Plays. All are winners of the 2017 and 2018 National Theatre Institute of Argentina Playwriting award.

Following the readings, there will be a Q&A discussion with Catherine Boyle (Out of the Wings), Malú Ansaldo (Roundhouse), Chris Campbell (Oberon) and the translators on the challenges of new Argentine theatre, translation and representation of plays outside their country of origin.

Curated by Professor Catherine Boyle, in collaboration with the National Theatre Institute of Argentina, and the Argentine Embassy in London, the selected works are:

  • Extraordinary Life, by Mariano Tenconi Blanco and translated by Catherine Boyle

  • Green Duck, by Fabián Díaz and translated by Gwen MacKeith

  • Fonavi, by Leonel Giacometto and translated by Rosalind Harvey

  • Nou fiuter, by Franco Calluso and translated by William Gregory

  • Poor Men’s Poetry, by Juan Ignacio Fernández and translated by William Gregory

  • Dragon Fire over Wood Dragon, by Candelaria Sabagh and translated by Kate Eaton

The readings are directed by Camila González

Image: La Vida Extraordinaria, Courtesy of Teatro Cervantes

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