Join us in Queen’s Crescent for this outdoor circus spectacular. Over 50 young people and artists come together in a fusion of circus, hip hop, beatboxing and DJ’ing to challenge the way that we look at the world and find a sense of belonging.

At a time when obstacles seem overwhelming and our differences too extreme to overcome, these performers take a yearning for things to be different and explode it onto the stage in an act of abandon and celebration.

We stand on an edge
Dizziness kicks in
Thoughts, circumstances, bodies, tumble and swirl
A force of nature, unpredictable, destructive, beautiful
Swept out of control
The world changes, shifts
Showing us something new
Offering an altered perspective

This free event, directed by Paul Evans in collaboration with a team of Roundhouse Lead Circus Artists, brings together the creative teams of the Roundhouse, leading contemporary circus company NoFit State and Battersea Arts Centre’s Beatbox Academy to create something new, unique and wonderful. Presented in partnership with Queen’s Crescent Community Association.

Are you interested to find out how engaging with circus can transform lives? Sign up to be part of our Circus for Social Change Masterclass in May as part of our Young Creatives programme.

The Roundhouse goes to extraordinary lengths to provide opportunities for young people to be heard.


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