The sun is coming out, afrobeats is playing in the distance and everyone’s planning what hairstyle will kick off the best summer yet. The lovechild of Barber Shop Chronicles and Hive City Legacy has arrived!

AFRO-CITY is a 2-day festival celebrating Blackness and queerness in this Roundhouse Summer Weekender, curated by Tobi Kyeremateng.

Caleb Femi presents SLOG: An Alternate Timeline
Fri 26 Jul, 7-9pm

“What if the mandem were secret beekeepers?”

Following Caleb Femi’s latest EP ‘SLOG’ featuring the likes of Manor the Latekid, Jordan Stephens and Jamilah Barry, Caleb Femi brings an exclusive immersive experience to Secret Life of Gs.

Transforming the space into a sci-fi beekeeping haven using projections, music and performance, audience members will get a glimpse in the lesser known lives of the mandem.


How to Cornrow with Aunty Fatima
Sat 27 Jul, 12-1.30pm
Fatima Konteh has 3 sisters whose hair she’s been braiding since she was a child. When she moved to the UK from Sierra Leone with her family in 2002, she took her talents to the streets and created the perfect side-hustle by braiding hair all over! For the non-cornrowers, this one’s for you! Join hair guru Aunty Fatima in a practical workshop on the basics of how to cornrow!


Our Naked Truths
Sat 27 Jul, 1-3.30pm

Our Naked Truths invites all those who female identifying and non-binary people to connect and celebrate the universal beauty through art and conversation. It is a safe and inclusive space for female identifying and non-binary persons to create, connect and celebrate universal beauty. Through our life art therapy, we encourage our community to explore themes of self-acceptance through artistic expression, meditation and conversation.


Beats, Rhymes & Cities
Sat 27 Jul, 4-5.30pm

What are the requirements for social change and how do we create our own infrastructures? Representation and equality aren’t enough, so what does equity feel like? What are the lessons we can apply from generations before in creating our own utopias? Join TEDx speaker Amahra Spence in this interactive workshop about the role of the arts within cities.


Existing Loudly: Being Young, Black & Queer
Sat 27 Jul, 5-6.30pm

Tanya Compas leads this practical workshop for Black LGBTQ+ young people. This workshop will provide a space to explore your identity as a young Black, queer person and what it means to ‘exist loudly’ in a world that is constantly trying to tell us to minimise ourselves. During this workshop Tanya will help to facilitate conversations and reflections on our community and where we see ourselves within it, along with a reflection of self and what you can do to ‘exist loudly’ as your authentic self.


Jay Jay Revlon’s Voguing Workshop
Sat 27 Jul, 7-8.30pm

Jay Jay has become a major force in the London dance scene where he is credited with being instrumental to the rise of London’s voguing scene and has created the modern dance house the Kiki House of Tea and leading ballroom collective, English Breakfast London.

Described by Time Out as “one to watch”, DJ and dancer Jay Jay Revlon shuts down the Roundhouse with the ultimate Voguing Workshop. Bring your heels, lay on the glitter and prepare to strut your stuff.