TLV in LDN Festival

TLV in LDN will be a series of engaging events taking place at the Roundhouse and across multiple sites in London, celebrating and showcasing the diverse culture of the vibrant Israeli city of Tel Aviv. It will be an opportunity to revel in Tel Aviv’s rich cultural landscape, encompassing gastronomy, music, nightlife, arts and style.

Tel Aviv, much like London, is a city with an indomitable spirit. The combination of beach culture, cosmopolitanism and a vibrant, youthful arts scene have created a society where freedom of expression, innovation and creativity thrive. TLV in LDN is a chance to unlock the city gates and provide the British public with a true image of this unique and buzzing metropolis through the lens of contemporary art and street culture.

Browse the list of events below, where Londoners and visitors will be able to indulge their senses amid a bustling festival vibe.

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