In this double bill of shows, Spare The Poets present their debut show Milk Teeth, digging memories from playground sandpits, prising them from sticky night-club floors, and putting them under a microscope, asking: When did we stop playing? Will these acne scars ever fade? And whatever happened to our milk teeth?

Blood is thicker than water, or so they say. In this new collection, Family, the Roundhouse Poetry Collective share their stories of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, exploring what makes us family: the family we’re born into and the family we choose.

The Roundhouse Poetry Collective are a group of talented young poets currently working with Roundhouse mentors on a year-long development programme.

Spare the Poets hatched during the Roundhouse Poetry Collective 2014/15. Now having flown the nest, they’re making waves in the London poetry scene.


The Last Word Festival 2016

The Last Word, our festival of spoken word, storytelling and live performance returns for the third year running from 24 May – 18 June. Showcasing the genre’s original trailblazers, r…