Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse

Imogen Heap's Reverb

Visionary Music | Incredible collaborations | Interactive installations

Reverb 2014 is curated by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Imogen Heap.

Described by Imogen as an exploration in living contemporary composers with heavy leanings toward technology, Reverb will center around four incredible shows in our Main Space, alongside free workshops, talks and interactive sound installations.

Artist highlights include: Plaid & Bruno Zamborlin, Tim Exile, London Contemporary Orchestra, Alexander Schubert, Joby Burgess, Simon Steen-Andersen, Nick Ryan and Mira Calix to name just a few.

Across the weekend, we’ll peer into the worlds that these artists are embracing, while pushing the envelope still further. Expect an array of diverse performances, from whole orchestras improvising, to solo performances from Imogen performing with her unique and ingenious musical gloves.

Read more from Imogen about the festival


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Imogen Heap's Reverb

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Bloomberg Summer at the Roundhouse

Thursday 21 - Sunday 24 August