Time: a familiar framework for all our lives, but a fundamentally peculiar concept.

Timepiece is a major new installation that encourages us to take a fresh look at something we all take for granted.

Suspended above the Roundhouse’s epic Main Space is a vast eight-metre faceless clock, a spectacular mechanical light sculpture that floods the space with intricate layers of light and shadow.

Responding to the building’s circular shape and 24 towering support pillars, Shawcross has made the building itself become the Timepiece, allowing us all to see time in a different way.

I wanted to try to make the familiar the peculiar again; to turn time and the clock back into the celestial, primeval experience that it once was for us all

Conrad Shawcross

Conrad Shawcross is widely acknowledged as one of the leading artists of his generation. His sculptures explore physics and metaphysics, biology, geometry, philosophy and cosmology.

Supported by the Roundhouse Producing Circle


One of the year’s most-talked about visual art events… a masterclass in design and technology

The Times , 12 August 2013

A deeply beautiful piece of art

Telegraph, 12 August 2013