Laurie Waplington: Paper Straws | Roundhouse Film Fund

By Jen Lim
This was a truly strange production for a truly strange two years, but all the more rewarding for it.

Introducing Laurie Waplington who is a writer, director and producer of short films, documentaries and commercials. Graduating an MA in Directing at Met Film School in 2019, he spent much of the pandemic working as a videographer, and is now a full time editor for BigSmall TV. Laurie’s long-term goal is to write and direct sci-fi and thriller series for international audiences. Keep reading for more details on Laurie’s stunning film, Paper Straws as well his blog which takes us through his filmmaker journey.


Acacia, a bright-eyed idealist, pitches eco-friendly clothes to a major fashion company. Her dreams of saving the world are quickly dashed as she realises that money, as ever, trumps all.