What does it mean to live in a world that doesn’t believe your pain exists?
From outdated testing, to being told your pain is in your head, CUTI takes the listener on a journey through the worst effects of gender inequality in healthcare.
This three-part docuseries exposing the hidden world of Chronic Urinary Tract Infections (CUTI), told through the eyes of patients and expert researchers, asks why, despite affecting over 1.7million women in the UK alone, women across the world are still being left without answers.
With one of the first in-depth investigations into Chronic UTIs, award winning producer and host Verity de Cala guides you through the series with every episode carefully soundscaped to capture the complicated world of being a woman living with a chronic illness, along with the science, culture and politics that surrounds women’s health.
Verity is an award winning podcast producer, audio documentary producer, writer and host. “CUTI” has so far won recognition from UKAN (UK Audio Network), featured in the Guardian and Dua Lipa’s Service 95.