Madeleine Accalia is an award-winning playwright and poet from Brighton. Her work is rooted in the female experience and examines personal politics through candid dialogue and observational comedy.

Her plays have been performed at Vault Festival, Gilded Balloon, North Wall and Norwich Theatre Royal Stage 2. She has a First Class degree in Scriptwriting and Performance from the University of East Anglia and was shortlisted for the inaugural Women’s Prize for Playwriting. As a poet, she has performed at Brainchild, Speakeasy and Sofar Sounds London. She was a member of Roundhouse Poetry Collective, Apples and Snakes Writing Room and BBC Words First.

She is currently working on an interdisciplinary show that explores the portrayal of female characters in commercial ‘bro’ films, inspired by her poem ‘the woman in the film cleans the man’s wounds with muslin and soapy water, ***** him, then dies’.

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