Overturning Creative Culture starting in London. Occlon helps museums and individuals to redesign exhibition spaces, creating more curious experiences.

Occlon is a culture consultancy business. We design exhibitions to create more engaging visitor experiences by tailoring our solution to each client. We don’t want culture to be pre-defined by existing standards. We want to create profound cultural experiences through framing art and history by redesigning spaces, visuals, objects, with every perceived interaction in mind.

About the founder

From accounting to design, from SMEs to MNCs, from Suzhou to London, from pipa to piano, from student to professional… This meandering journey has shaped my multicultural experience and multi-disciplinary skillset. Through this, I have become increasingly versatile and curious; to learn more about ‘the romantic disease’, the palaces of St Petersburg, how to decolonise museums and so on and so on (hi Žižek). These seemingly random topics somehow connect, and at unpredictable times inspire my work. I aspire to be an ‘informist’, and not a conformist.