Dance art journal is a platform for the independent dance and performance art communities.

“dance art journal (DAJ) is an online writing collective that platforms artists working in the independent dance and performance art sectors. Formed of seven writers, DAJ creates content that puts independent artists at the forefront; writing reviews and interviews, holding events, producing zines and creating social media campaigns to support and promote artists’ work.

At a time where there’s huge emphasis on traffic-driven content, DAJ is committed to documenting the whole story, to maximise the reach of independent dance artists and showcase their life’s work beyond short, ‘one-night stand’ reviews. Established in 2019, DAJ has grown a large online community and has sold-out events to its name. For more information about DAJ:”

About the founders

Katie Hagan founded dance art journal to give independent dance artists more media coverage. As a dance writer, Katie has been published in Dancing Times and The Stage and was the dance writer in residence for the Cohan Collective 2018.

Stella Rousham is a dancer and dance writer currently studying Human, Social and Political Sciences at university. Previously, she trained in contemporary and ballet on the CAT scheme at The Place and took part in Next Choreography at Siobhan Davies Dance in 2017. She’s been part of the DAJ team since it was founded in 2019, after being a reviewer for Resolution at The Place.

Angel Dust (they/he) enjoys dancing his way out of feelings of lostness, searching for softness in movement and listening. He has been part of DAJ since the beginning of 2020 and is editor of DAJ’s magazine ‘Lines Curves Galaxies’ published by Live Art Development Agency.

To see the full DAJ team, visit our website: dance art journal

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