Thursday 15th – Saturday 24th August

Melting Pot London is a family run pop-up serving a fusion of international comfort food classics with an emphasis on ingredients and flavours from across the black diaspora. From “mum’s jollof” jambalaya to jerk jackfruit taco salad, each dish is inspired by the diverse cultural heritage and global travels of two food-loving Londoners, who came together to create something original and unique within the London food scene.



Stuffed Akara
Black eyed bean fritters filled with salt cod and tomato salad

Suya Mushroom Bao (V)
Steamed bread bun with suya spiced oyster mushroom, crushed toasted groundnut and shito mayonnaise


Jollof Jambalaya
Mum’s Nigerian jollof rice with fried crawfish, shrimp, veggie sausage and chopped okra, topped with a coriander & crab salad.

Chicken Pili-Pili
Grilled chicken thigh marinated in Swahili spices. Served with cassava fries, tamarind coleslaw, kachumbari salad and cumin seed yoghurt

Cape Malay Curry (VG)
South African mixed vegetable and seitan curry. Served with uda pepper infused basmati rice and a wholemeal roti


Okra Tempura
Whole okra fingers in a crispy batter

Cassava Fries
Triple cooked cassava with shito mayonnaise

Sliced Plantain
With ata dindin dipping sauce

Sukuma Wiki
East African braised collared greens with diced tomato, garlic and ginger


Banana Mikate
Congolese doughnut balls with groundnut served three ways: groundnut & tonka bean ice cream, crushed candied groundnut and a groundnut & vanilla drizzle

Chin Chin Cheesecake
Madagascan vanilla cheesecake on a nutmeg-spiced chin chin base, with passion fruit coulis

Opening Times
Evenings: 5.30pm
Matinees: 1.30pm (_subject to change)_