What is the project about?

Do you have an incredible short film idea? We can help you make it happen and get it screened at the Roundhouse!

We’re looking to support 3 emerging filmmakers to create new short films exploring social and political issues from their unique perspectives.

Twice a year the Roundhouse Film Fund commissions 3 micro short films and supports the filmmakers through the production process with resources, mentoring, platforming and platforming.

The Film Fund is an opportunity for early career filmmakers to cut their teeth and create a professionally commissioned film.

The fund aims to support a creative and innovative artistic approach to presenting socially relevant films that are entertaining, enlivening and inspiring for audiences. We want to offer a platform for open minded discussion, radical thinking and balance wherever possible, building on the heritage of the Roundhouse as a platform for cultural revolution.

This fund was previously known as the Roundhouse Online Film Fund. As with its popular predecessor, the fund exists to support the next generation of filmmakers in creating dynamic, experimental content, with the added bonus of providing screening opportunities at Roundhouse festivals and shows.

To apply please read our Ts and Cs document and then fill out the application form and then send in your treatment to

What will I get from taking part?
• £1000 production budget for you to spend on making your film
• A professional mentor with industry experience and connections, chosen to support your specific needs and ambitions.
• Additional in-kind production support from Roundhouse Staff
• Equipment: Access to the Roundhouse in-house camera, sound and lighting kit and/or loan from the kit house VMI up to an insurable value of £100,000*
• The chance to showcase your film at a public screening event programmed by The Roundhouse
• Free Roundhouse Creative Studios Membership valid for 12 months from registration
• Your film will be submitted for the Wiggin Emerging Filmmakers Award in Winter 2022. Winner of the award will receive £8,000 to develop their film career. The award will be facilitated by the Roundhouse. Winners will also receive mentorship and support from various industry professionals including Wiggin professionals.

Who will be teaching the project?
● You will need to already have all the relevant skills necessary to make your film, this is an independent study programme.
● You will be paired with an industry professional mentor, who will be able to share their experience and advice, chosen to support your specific needs and ambitions.

Do I need any particular skills or experience to take part?
● To be successful you will need to have a strong film idea and the skills/experience you need to make it.
● We’re open to all genres of films – from narrative to animation, documentary to experimental – but the film must be under 5 minutes in duration.
● Your film should be about social and/or political issues from your perspective. It should reflect the time we are living in now and identify the issue(s) which are most important to you.
Film makers need to be based in the UK. Bearing in mind that Roundhouse and VMI offices are in London so you will need to consider that practicality if applying from outside of London.
We can only support shoots that take place in the UK.

How to Enrol or apply:
Complete the google form below before Midday, Mon 25 July.

I have additional needs. Can I still take part?
We encourage applications from everyone please get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and do our best in supporting you.

Writing A Treatment Guide
Terms and Conditions

The Film Fund is made with the support of the Ex Animo and the Wiggin Charitable Foundation.

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