Interested in learning how to create your own animation film? Take part in this project with Rainbow Collective to learn the basics of animation, bring your characters to life and create a short animation film.

What will I get from taking part?
· Learn the basics of Animation and create a short Animation film
· Learn how to tell stories, create characters and design scenes
· Learn the basics of cutting, pasting, scaling, graphics and composition
· Build on your skills of drawing, colouring and storytelling
· Develop adding techniques to create movement and sound and voice

Who will be teaching the project?
Rainbow Collective who have multiple awards for the animation training they give to young people.

Do I need any particular skills or experience to take part?
An interest in filmmaking and storytelling but you don’t need prior experience in film or animation to participate.

Is there anything I need to bring or wear?
No, equipment will be provided.

How to Enrol or apply:
Enrol Online

I’m not sure I can afford to take part…
If you need help to pay for things like project fees, transport or childcare, we can help. Find out how you can get support.

I have additional needs. Can I still take part?
We have places available on all our projects for individuals with additional needs. Get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and do our best in supporting you.

Where is the project taking place?
Roundhouse Studios