Join us for our Finance Toolkit interactive session with Bola Sol, Finance Coach and author of ‘How To Save It’

Got questions about taxes? Wondering what counts as income, and what counts as expenses? We’ve got you.
You could be a founder of a creative business or a freelancer, no matter who you are in this world, making money is a part of your journey. In the same way we create plans and goals for our life, we have to do the same with our money too.

We have partnered with finance guru Bola Sol to give you a practical toolkit to get on top of your finances. We’ll be covering:

  • When/How/Where to register your business
  • Business income and expenses
  • How to pay yourself & Budgeting tips for small businesses
  • Finance tracker software
  • Business income and expenses

About Bola Sol:
Bola Sol is a Finance Coach who enjoys teaching others about how to get their money in order so they can live their best life. She has worked with the likes of Google, Stylist Mag, BBC & Refinery29. With a degree in Mathematics and Finance, she is always helping people save for the better and invest for the future.