Are you excited about a project but struggling to get others on board? Would you like to raise investment one day? Do you dream of being on stage talking about your work?

Whether it’s for work or play, being able to speak passionately and convincingly, and bring others round to your cause is a life saving skill! In this four week course, you will select and hone your focus area which could be anything from a project you are already working on to a global issue you’d like to solve, practice getting people revved up for it, learning and practicing negotiating for what you want and closing out with a celebratory presentation designed to be the building block for the next step towards your calling.

What will I get from taking part?

Session 1: Cultivating your inner leader
Understanding your areas of current and future leadership
Selecting your focus for the course

Session 2: Passions and articulation (Public Speaking Skills)
Confident about public speaking knowledge
Practice public speaking skills

Session 3: Negotiation Skills
Understand the principles of negotiation
Understand how to make win win scenarios
Practice negotiating and negotiating prep.

Session 4: Public presentation.
Becoming a confident presenter
Having a deck to serve future work

Who will be teaching the project?

Mara Livermore is founder of House of SweetWaters, an entrepreneurship agency dedicated to helping people do the work they love, their way. As a coach and consultant she works with individuals and organisations to inspire confidence and clarity in the entrepreneurial journey and globally works with ambitious individuals to progress through the personal transformations that are required to become an excellent entrepreneur. In the rest of her time, she studies African Traditional Religions at the University of Liverpool and advises frontline organisations on the use of ritual in modern slavery.

Do I need any particular skills or experience to take part?
You don’t need particular skills or experience. However, we are looking to build a diverse group of young people who can share different perspectives and experiences with each other, so tell us as much as possible in your application.

How to Enrol or apply:
Complete application form below by Monday 25th October.

I’m not sure I can afford to take part…
If you need help to pay for things like project fees, transport or childcare, we can help. Find out how you can get support..
If you are using a bursary to pay for the project, please ensure you arrange this with the Advice Base with plenty of time before the start of the project.

I have additional needs. Can I still take part?
We have places available on all our projects for individuals with additional needs.Get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and do our best in supporting you.

Where is the project taking place?
Roundhouse Studios