Are you a musician wanting to know how to get your music heard?

Whether you‘re just starting out or more experienced, don’t miss the our industry masterclass covering the following key areas:

Session 1: Get Started
Complete Music Update’s co-founder Chris Cooke runs through the different ways artists can generate revenue from what they do, including intellectual property, live performance and the fan relationship. He’ll then introduce the different strands of the music industry, and explains how artists build business partnerships with a number of different music companies.

He’ll then be joined on stage by a manager, booking agent and label manager who’ll each explain their respective role in their artists’ careers, what their jobs involve, and at what point artists should look to engage the kind of services they offer.

Session 2: Get Noticed
Success in the music industry is all about getting noticed – amongst industry, media and fans. CMU’s Chris Cooke will provide some tips for building your networks and fanbase, and will then chat to a social media expert, direct-to-fan guru and successful DIY artist about building and capturing a fanbase, and then a journalist, A&R and festival booker about how they discover new artists.

Session 3: Get Planning
Taking everything we’ve learned so far, in this final session we’ll look at next steps for new artists: how to start generating some revenue by signing up to PRS (for royalties) and PPL (for licensing), and through merch sales; at funding options available to young artists including the PRS For Music Foundation and the Momentum Music Fund; and some tips on career planning for music people, both artists and those looking to work behind the scenes.

Session 4: Get Connected
Networking session.