How to Make a Placard

A placard is a message or picture written on a rectangular piece of cardboard, attached to a stick. Placards can be shared peacefully at a protest or they can be displayed in your window or on your bedroom wall at home instead.

Step 1: Decide your message

• What do you want to say?

• How will you say it?

• Do you want to use words, pictures or symbols?


Step 2: Gather your materials

• Save money and help the environment by using materials you already have at home.

• We used some cardboard, an old piece of wood, a ruler, a pencil, a leftover tester pot of paint, a black marker pen and some adhesive tape, but an old cereal box, ballpoint pen, felt pens or even nail varnish would work!

• Having less materials to choose from can actually make you more creative, so see what you can find and be imaginative.


Step 3: Sketch out your message

• It can be useful to mark out your words or design using a ruler and a pencil

• Use a pencil to lightly sketch out your message before using paint or pen to make sure you are happy with how it is spaced out


Step 4: Complete your design

• Go over your sketched design to make it bold and easy to read. You can add colour or go over design to make it clear and bright


Step 5: Complete your placard

• Attach a stick to turn your poster into a placard. You can use adhesive tape, a staple gun or make holes and use string. Wood works well, but a piece of bamboo, a garden cane or a broom handle can also be used.


Step 6: Display your work

• Whether you make a poster, placard or try making a large banner using fabric, decide where you would like to share your work and display your message!