Award-winning artist, poet and lyricist Kate Tempest has joined forces with Cardboard Citizens to create a powerful piece of theatre on the universality of family.

I was about to change my life, but then life changed me instead

Glasshouse is a story about family and how hard it can be to keep loving. Three short stories take you into the minds of three members of the same family, who have given up on their dreams. Fragile, they fail to stay together and struggle even more so to survive apart. Framed by Kate Tempest’s haunting poetry, the plays draws us into a dark and gritty London illuminated by moments of unexpected tenderness.

This is not theatre as you know it – after the interval the audience are invited through forum theatre to stop the action, come on stage and rehearse alternative scenarios to lead to positive changes.

Cardboard Citizens has been making life-changing theatre with homeless and marginalised people for over twenty years. It is one of the world’s leading practitioners of Forum Theatre.

Produced in association with Time Won’t Wait


A theatre company that must surely rank as being amongst the most genuinely life-changing in the UK

What’s On Stage

A wonderful show, filled with engrossing, chameleonic performances


Filled with ups and downs, in a roller coaster of laughter and surprises, Glasshouse is one of the most engaging pieces of theatre I have witnessed.

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