A double bill of contemporary dance works.

Herviss Family
Is contemporary dance dead? Is financing important for creating art? Does a performance have to go somewhere?

Herviss Family is a performance about the convention in theatre and contemporary dance. The performance has three characters: Hervia, Onia and Pelvis. They are waiting for Herviss. They do that by questioning ideas and ways of expressing in the field of performative arts. They are playing with notions like: structure, improvisation, traditional, concept, idea, multi-disciplinary, contemporary etc.
Presented by Asociatia Art EveryWhere .

Lady Like
A short work about the female image and femininity throughout history.

Many women feel alone at times whether they are surrounded by other women or not. If a woman cannot climax, does that mean she is no longer a woman?! What makes a woman a woman? Is it the softness of her voice,or the redness of her lips? Maybe it’s the way her body moves in space. In order to feel like a woman does she need to speak her mind, or is it enough to just stand still and smile?