As for so many, the last couple of years have given us the opportunity to take stock and reflect. As we look ahead we’ve also taken time to revisit past events that have shaped what the Roundhouse is today; a venue that holds space for dialogue, discussion and debate

Taking a cue from seminal events including 1967’s Dialectics of Liberation, over the coming year we will explore and test what contemporary versions of such events could look like and begin to once again make space dedicated to conversation and debate about the issues we face as a society today.

Over the course of the next year we will pilot a series of Long Table discussions which will bring together and give voice to a wide range of voices, perspectives and opinions. For this first event, we are lucky enough to be joined by Lois Weaver, from the infamous Split Britches, who will host the first of our discussions based around the theme of Power, using the company’s tried and tested Long Table model, inspired by Marleen Gorris’ film Antonia’s line, in which the protagonist continually extends her dinner table to accommodate a growing community of outsiders and eccentrics, until finally, the table must be moved out of doors.