Four women. Inextricably linked, yet poles apart.

Taking place between 1962-2020 Matriarch is a journey through 4 generations of women in one family contending with the shifting expectations placed on them by society and each other. Exploring themes of; motherhood, secrecy, dismantling cyclical trauma and metamorphosis punctuated by the waves of feminism, ‘Matriarch’ looks at the indelible bonds within families, what gets left unsaid and how this molds us.

Roundhouse Resident Artist, Keziah Hodgson, is a multi-disciplinary artist living in London creating work spanning music, spoken word, theatre and film. Through a queer gaze her practice looks at; connection, injustice, intersectionality, rebirth, intimacy & loss… A nod to the past with a hopeful look towards the future.

Matriarch is work in progress, supported by the Roundhouse Resident Artist programme.

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