The debut art show from veteran Roundhouser Kareem Parkins-Brown (KPB).

‘My belief is that Surrealism has so much to lend Hood people. Our lives are so surreal. I’ve always felt surreal imagery and comic devastation were necessary to communicate my view in the world.’

Chuss Me! is a series of photos and illustrations depicting what it takes to navigate all of our worlds at the same time, through the lens of a couple of Hood people. This exhibition asks the question: how do people like us develop trust – among ourselves, towards elders and authority? How do you trust yourself to make good decisions?

“You may be mugged if you trust too much. But it will f*** you up more worrying about trust”- philosopher Mike Skinner elegantly depicted this daily mental back and forth that plagues us.

*Chuss pronounced like ‘Trust’. The phrase that’s used as punctuation. If nobody’s said ‘Chuss me’ in a conversation with you, you need to get out more. And obviously you can’t trust anyone who has to tell you to trust them.