Emerging from South London’s post-punk scene, indie quartet Goat Girl bring their uniquely defiant, country-tinged sound to In the Round Festival.

Equipped with conscious lyricism, bittersweet hooks and gorgeous harmonies, Goat Girl quickly carved out their own space in the music scene after forming in 2015.

The band have since released two studio albums and have been praised for their musical dexterity, from angst-fuelled narratives on the world’s injustices and social prejudices to unseen depth and vulnerability. More than just quirky soundscapes and silvery electronics await you for this special performance.

Surround yourself in music with the ultimate gig experience at In the Round Festival. Renowned for eclectic line-ups performing special, one-off gigs with full seating set around our circular stage, you’ll get closer to your favourite artists and treated to the bespoke shows that see collaborations and surprises, all making for a truly unique and special experience.