Join Chiyo Gomes, Tito Bone, Beau Jangles, and Toby Carvery for a live panel discussion.

Drag has experienced an Increase in demand and, all in all, a glorification that has led to the Industry having more money and more opportunities. Despite this, there are demographics within the industry of drag that still face the wrath of oppression. Is this art form that we love so dearly just inherently misogynistic? Meet the Drag kings still doing the most for the least in their fight for equality. In this panel we deconstruct the nuances of drag, and discuss who exactly is thriving off this art form that is supposed to abolish gender? Are white men still at the forefront?

This event is part of the Roundhouse Beyond + Between summer season, a curated programme that celebrates and amplifies some of the most important artists and voices driving culture and conversation today.