1 in 2 of those in British prisons were permanently excluded from school as children. Can we change the story?

Plugged into headphones – a world of spoken word, music, podcasts, and rap that underscores their lives. Tachia, Cass and Mickey have ended up outside the mainstream, labelled, boxed in. Can they escape this life and find a way out or will they get drawn into the dangers lurking, waiting to pounce on the vulnerable and isolated?

Though This Be Madness unravels what is happening to young people in relation to education, exclusion, gang grooming and, too often, the pipeline to prison.

Written by Avaes Mohammad and directed by Yasmin Sidhwa in association with Oxford Playhouse, this show was co-created with young people with lived experience, using compelling physical theatre to present a moving and authentic exploration of what lies behind the headlines. Welcome to these streets, these peeps, and these feats…