It’s the first Lee family function since the pandemic and emotions are running high. Following a heartbreaking decision made by matriarch grandma Rose, those closest to her must now face the prospect of life without her.
Passing On is a collection of monologues and duologues.

The story takes us through the inner thoughts of five women who must navigate grief, loss, identity and being a part of a unique family.


Chyna Johnson
Aunty Michelle

Camille Stomer
Sapphire Lee

Lindsey Stokes
Shan Lee

Mumbi Ramoni
Amber Lee

Sandra A. Agard
Aunty Gwen

Dorrel Janger
Grandma Rose

Creative Team

Keira Allen-Anderson
Writer & Director

Reuben Massiah
Writer & Co-Director

Soulay Daramy
Assistant Director

Kenya Caroline

Neicee Oakley