It’s important that we create time to reflect on our learnings. But how do we do that? In this session Rochelle Robertson will walk through the steps of reflective practice through a series of activities that will help you to implement it into your own life and professional practice.
Developing a reflective skill set to look at past experiences and learn from the them, developing resilience and creating safe spaces for others.

Rochelle Robertson is founder of TING, a consultancy that works to create safe spaces for marginalised people within the workplace.

She has spent the past 15 years working with young people from diverse backgrounds in various youth settings, and has worked with Sony Music, Global and HAVAS to name a few. She is passionate about holistic development of young people and creating equity and belonging in the workplace.

TING offers personal and professional development programmes to young people from underrepresented backgrounds, and works with companies to create safe spaces for employees from marginalised communities. Rochelle is currently a Diversity, Learning and Inclusion manager at Soho House.