We Are a Hearty Sisterhood

Bearing wings made of sharp knives and shooting fireballs into the air, Emma Frankland tackles the current media fascination with trans lives and interrogates the controversial bio-technology of HRT. It’s messy, it’s on fire and it’s politically-charged.

Hearty is the fifth and final solo show in Emma Frankland’s None of Us is Yet a Robot project – a series of performances which have been a response to her gender transition and the politics surrounding trans identity over the past seven years.

Originally made with support from The Yard and Arts Council England.

Brands don’t lead revolutions. People like Emma Frankland do.

★★★★ The Guardian

a siren call to remember the trans warriors of the past and to prepare for the future… this is a performance that comes doused with fire

Lyn Gardner

Full of beautiful dark magic… Frankland is the punk rock angel of your dreams and nightmares

The Stage